Finfox Voices: Roman Holland

Avatar photo Finfox 26. July 2022

Roman Holland is UX/UI design expert at Finfox. Over the next few months, he will be highlighting various aspects of digital user experience design in our Insights section. To kick things off, we asked Roman a few questions.

What is your professional background?

I studied communication design, as typography, design and illustration have always been the fields where my passion and strengths lie. With the emergence of the first iPhone, my interest shifted to the fascinating field of human-computer interaction with its facets of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Before joining Finfox, I worked as a UX designer for an international educational organization, a large advertising agency, and an IT company in the marketing/event management industry, among others, which has given me a wide range of experience.


What role do UX and UI play at Finfox?

Without a coherent concept for a positive user experience in the UX phase, even the most beautiful user interface won’t convince – that’s why at Finfox we make it a point to give equal attention to both aspects when developing our products.

Our design system follows general web standards (e.g. accessibility) and interaction patterns (navigation, user experience, etc.). The UI of our applications is based on the corporate design of the Finfox brand, which we brushed up and relaunched in spring 2022 (see here). In the UI, we deliberately merge two worlds: an excellent user experience with the visual identity and the distinctive brand core of Finfox.

I would also like to underline the flexibility of our design system, which takes into account customer feedback and improvement requests and is continuously optimized.


What makes working at Finfox exciting for you?

The most exciting thing is the corporate culture with the flattest hierarchy I have experienced so far. Everyone pitches in and feels 100% responsible for the success of the product and ultimately the team.

I also find it exciting to work with so many smart colleagues from whom I can learn every day. In the team, we have personalities with the most different roles and backgrounds. It’s extremely motivating for me to be able to work in such a diverse environment.


What departments do you work with?

My role as a UX/Interaction Designer is heavily involved in the Business Analyst/Product Owner team and the front-end development team. Depending on the project, the level of collaboration varies but these are the colleagues I work particularly closely with.


Is Finfox only available with frontend?

No. Our modules and components are designed to integrate seamlessly with customers’ own systems via FinfoxPublicAPI*. But to explain the technical details, I am the wrong person to ask.

[*More about FinfoxPublicAPI coming soon – watch this space.]


Last but not least: Your Finfox fun fact?

In the summer, it’s time for a special kind of dessert almost every day around 2pm. Here’s where I need to elaborate a bit:

We have an uber-expert in coffee on the team. Degree of grinding, amount of coffee, water hardness – he doesn’t leave all the little details that assure perfect coffee enjoyment to chance. Much to my luck, the respective colleague also likes ice cream. In short, he prepares the espressos and I contribute one or two scoops of ice cream, depending on my mood. This is how the now legendary Finfox Affogato al caffè came into being 😊

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