Delivering hybrid advice: Why omnichannel must come with automation and personalisation

Avatar photo Finfox 01. February 2023
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At the end of his tenure as CEO of Finfox, Christian Dicke summed up the attributes of a quality advisory platform in an article published in the Swiss WealthTech Landscape Report 2022 by The Wealth Mosaic.

Client demand for quality digital services is only going one way. As requirements in terms of access increase, investment advisers need to be one step ahead and meet clients where they are. That necessitates an omnichannel service so clients can switch between channels and choose how they obtain advice and related services. Furthermore, to keep clients’ attention, the offering must also be highly tailored to the user’s needs, providing the perfect blend of functionality and personalisation.

“Clients expect their advisers to understand them and be able to provide relevant and needs-oriented advice. The change is in the way that they access this, and technology is the enabler.”

Christian Dicke

With Andreas Borg as new CEO, Finfox will start an accelerated investment cycle into functionality and technology. The focus will be on maximizing the seamless interplay between personal advice by advisors and digital self-services for their clients, with the degree of hybridity being tailored to a bank’s offering and its clients’ needs.

“An efficient, yet in experience client-centric advisory process is at the heart of modern wealth management. Automated and standardized for the bank, yet perceived as individualized by its clients.”

Andreas Borg
CEO, Finfox

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