Thematic investment advice with Finfox

The new Finfox module for trends-based investment advice
Avatar photo Finfox 25. August 2022

Blockchain, e-mobility, robotics, or smart health – clients do not only pursue savings or investment targets, but also want to get to grips with specific investment trends and seek to invest in these areas. The new Finfox module for advice with investment themes enables exactly that.

An engaging way to identify clients’ interests

In order to deliver suitable investment ideas to interested clients, Finfox offers various options to intuitively determine clients’ interests via one of the Finfox channels. Based on this interest profile, specific investment topics can subsequently be sent to clients on an ongoing basis.

The bank has the possibility to set up investment topics attractively and optimized for the respective Finfox channel. In addition to text and images, video and audio files can also be seamlessly integrated into the presentation of an investment topic. For example, a video from the bank’s internal research department can provide the client with valuable additional information on the proposed investment topic.

Concrete investment opportunities based on individual interest profiles

In FinfoxAdvice, clients see all concrete investment proposals by their bank on the suggested investment topic. Finfox ensures that the securities presented have been approved for the respective client.
Detailed information is available to clients for each title, for example the current price, various ratings or links to factsheets. Clients can thus obtain comprehensive information on the specific investment proposal and decide whether or not they are interested in the opportunity in question.

If there is interest in a specific investment proposal, this can be signaled to the responsible client advisor with just a few clicks.

The client advisor is immediately informed about the feedback and decides on the next steps of action. For example, he can use FinfoxAdvice to quickly and efficiently create a digital investment proposal and send it straight to the client’s smartphone. (See Digital investment proposals enhance the client experience.)

Alternatively, if there is a greater need for action with regard to the client’s portfolio, the client advisor might prefer to make a call or invite the client to an advisory meeting.

Client feedback on the investment topic is documented in Finfox. Thus, the client advisor can view past client feedback in the various Finfox channels at any time and take it into account in future investment or regrouping proposals.

Benefits of the module

Clients benefit from being efficiently informed about the bank’s latest research findings without any time delay. They receive the investment topics delivered to their smartphone in an attractive yet compact format. Thus, they can invest in promising investment trends, benefit from these investments, and align their portfolio in accordance with their values and interests. That way, clients feel they are being addressed individually and personally – and opportunities are seized at an early stage.

The new Finfox module gives banks the opportunity to provide clients with up-to-date research content and investment ideas in a timely manner. Thus, it offers its clientele direct added value. In addition, based on the initial profiling of clients’ interests and ongoing feedback on specific investment topics, the bank can get to know its clients even better. This enables individualized investment advice and an increase in the quality of advice.

Omni-channel capability

The new module is available in all Finfox channels. If an exciting investment topic has been provided to a client via FinfoxAdvice, for example prior to an upcoming advisory meeting, the investment topic can be further explored in the personal meeting using FinfoxTouch.

Besides the availability of the new module in all Finfox channels, it is also possible to send the investment topics directly from FinfoxPro via email as part of an ongoing campaign to selected client groups.

Distributing the bank’s research content in the different client channels allows the bank to get the most out of it and to offer clients a seamless hybrid advisory experience.

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