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The integration of external business logic.

Harness the existing functionality of your existing systems within Finfox. Without unnecessary redundancy.


Your benefits at a glance.

Within the complex system architecture of a bank, redundant business logic and data storage across multiple systems can be found frequently. In order to streamline this complexity in the area of wealth management, Finfox uses the existing business logic of other systems. An efficient approach, both in terms of integration and maintenance.


Harmonization across multiple systems.


Ensuring consistency.

Consistent functions within your system architecture.

Finfox offers the capability of accessing existing business logic from your legacy systems via various interface technologies at runtime. As such, you avoid costly multiple implementations and inconsistencies.

A single source of truth.

Define clear responsibilities in the form of master systems within your IT architecture. Avoid contradictions by accessing existing functionality on the fly via Finfox. This allows you to ensure a high level of consistency between systems.

A smart software solution for the investment advice of the future.

Hybrid investment advice boasts a combination of personal experience and digital interaction. Our modular software enables the needs-oriented use of our various channels.


Integrate the existing functionality of your back-end systems via Finfox connectors in your Finfox applications, thereby avoiding logical redundancies and benefiting from

  • The use of existing functionality
  • Error-free consistency
  • The avoidance of multiple implementations

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