Digital transformation

Banking and digitalisation.

The future of wealth management is digital – across all touchpoints and all devices. For customers and advisers alike.


Future-oriented investment advice.

Traditional investment advice stands at a digital crossroads – with ever broader investment services and the rising complexity of processes and regulation, we are also witnessing increasing demand on contemporary, future-oriented and digital investment advice. For banks, digital engagement has become an absolute necessity in terms of nurturing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Digitalisation paves the way for change.

Advancing digitalisation goes hand in hand with evolving customer needs and habits. Customers expect their banks to offer the same level of convenience that they are familiar with as consumers. Wealth advisory services have to be accessible for investors wherever and whenever. At the same time, advisers require universal access to their digital workplace – and this is where Finfox comes in.

Everything at your fingertips, across all channels.

Finfox employs a systematic omnichannel approach. Thanks to harmonised business logic and a consistent data set, all data, functions and processes can be accessed on all devices in real time and be configured in a modular way – for advisers and customers alike. Finfox is the software solution for the digital transformation of your wealth advisory services.

Digitalisation drives efficiency.

Thanks to Finfox, you have more time for what matters. Advisers can complete routine tasks more efficiently and focus all their attention on the value-generating aspects of their role. The software reduces risks and therefore the costs of errors in the advisory process, as well as time-consuming additional tasks, as Finfox ensures documentation and regulatory compliance at all times. What’s more, key process steps can be automated or delegated directly to customers enhancing customer experience.

Finfox. For your own digital transformation.

With five built-in front ends, the Finfox platform enables any number of conceivable user journeys for all user groups of banks, i.e. customers, advisers and experts. To enable even greater flexibility, this flexible API platform facilitates two-way communication with the front- and back-end systems of banks or third-party providers. The aim being to deliver the wealth advisory experience of tomorrow, today.

Customers who trust us.

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