Private banking

Exclusive and personalised advice.

When it comes to private banking, banks need to offer their customers an extensive and high-end spectrum of services with bespoke solutions – not to mention exclusivity and expertise.


In-depth advice for individual needs.

For discerning customers, in-depth and needs-oriented advice is a matter of course. They expect to be able to easily access an overview of their total assets at all times, be made aware of exciting and bespoke investment ideas and benefit from immediate and straightforward handling of their financial transactions, with individual expert solutions from their personal financial adviser.

Boost effectiveness and efficiency in your wealth management business.

Finfox allows you to identify investment potential for your customers and present this in a digital format: you can efficiently generate bespoke solutions, harness unused market opportunities and invest rapidly in relevant topics. Offer your wealth advisory services more effectively, efficiently and customised; whether as a desktop app, tablet solution or mobile customer channel for use at home and out and about, Finfox intensifies the wealth advisory process on myriad devices. At all touchpoints.

A focus on personalised investment advice.

The individual situation of your customers, with their individual investment goals, always takes centre stage. For typical investment goals like long-term wealth creation and wealth preservation, you can efficiently draw up strategies that take personal customer goals and restrictions into account – and generate precise, compliant and needs-oriented investment proposals for your customers. Thematic investments, yield optimisation via Lombard loan and automated opportunity and risk monitoring in customers portfolios also form part of the Finfox DNA.

Lombard loan advice.

Finfox Lombard loan advice offers maximum flexibility in combination with investment proposals; do customers wish to harness additional yield beyond the selected investment strategy? No problem: integrate a Lombard loan as part of the investment proposal – flexibly and well-arranged. The lending options and the resulting changes in risk and return are illustrated in a transparent way. As such, the scope of the Lombard loan can be precisely tailored to customer needs.

Finfox. Maximum flexibility in private banking.

With five built-in front ends, the Finfox platform enables any number of conceivable user journeys for all user groups of banks, i.e. customers, advisers and experts. To enable even greater flexibility, this flexible API platform facilitates two-way communication with the front- and back-end systems of banks or third-party providers. The aim being to deliver the wealth advisory experience of tomorrow, today.

Customers who trust us.

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