Retail advisory

Efficiency and individuality in retail customer banking.

Successful investment advice for retail customers combines a personalised customer experience with a highly efficient set-up for the bank. Digital self-services provide customers with more offerings and outsource operational processes from the bank straight to customers: a win–win situation.


More time for bespoke investment advice.

Comprehensive customer advice is a complex and time-consuming business – but the digitalisation of wealth advisory processes and the establishment of digital business models offers an opportunity to attract investors to your solutions and services while achieving savings in high-volume business.

The future of investment advice is hybrid. And yours is digital.

Finfox is a smart software solution that has been developed precisely for the current challenges and needs of retail banks. Generate additional advisory opportunities, foster customer relations in a proactive way and increase your earnings per customer – simply gain noticeable added value in a shorter time.

Modular structure and bespoke investment advice.

Extensive monitoring, built-in campaign capability and customisable communication draw customers’ attention to individual opportunities in an automated way, thereby boosting customer loyalty and easing the burden on advisers. To this end, Finfox integrates all data, functions and processes connected with investment advice and meets all regulatory requirements (MiFID I/II,FinSA, KAG, CBB).

Investment advice on fund savings plans.

Finfox fund savings plans enable flexible investments with small amounts – and little time required for you and your customers. Both, flexible saving for the purpose of wealth creation and saving as part of pension plans are supported in a straightforward and intuitive way. In the same way, withdrawal plans offer your customers the option of gradual asset reduction. In the event of changing circumstances and customer needs, Finfox also enables a seamless transition to other offerings at any time.

Finfox. For digital investment advice.

With five built-in front ends, the Finfox platform enables any number of conceivable user journeys for all user groups of banks, i.e. customers, advisers and experts. To enable even greater flexibility, the flexible API platform facilitates two-way communication with the front- and back-end systems of banks or third-party providers. The aim being to deliver the wealth advisory experience of tomorrow, today.

Customers who trust us.

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