Robo advisory

Self-service components for digital investment advice.

Self-services offer customers attractive touchpoints with their bank, not only in terms of digital wealth management, but also in the area of digital wealth advisory services. And the bank benefits from efficiency gains, thereby allowing more time for personal customer interactions.


Digital investment advice.

Banks use the various Finfox self-service components along dedicated user journeys for self-guided investors. They enable investor to interactively access their portfolios, from honing their own profile via strategy and portfolio simulations through to the initiation of concrete transactions. These kinds of self-services can either supplement or completely replace personal consultation of an advsisor. If a customer’s personal circumstances change, they benefit from a seamless transition to more advice-intensive, personalised services.

Guided self-services.

Advancing digitalisation goes hand in hand with evolving needs and habits on the part of banking customers. Customers expect digital access and support when it comes to their wealth – before, after and even during personal advisory interactions. Advisers no longer just speak to their customers in person, but also digitally, presenting them bespoke advice and investment proposals. This guidance, which is built into self-service components, offers banks additional touchpoints with their customers. At the same time, they ensure that customers make suitable, regulatory compliant investment decisions within the scope of the service(s) agreed upon with the bank.

Finfox. For customer service utilising robo advisory.

With five built-in front ends, the Finfox platform enables any number of conceivable user journeys for all user groups of banks, i.e. customers, advisers and experts. To enable even greater flexibility, this flexible API platform facilitates two-way communication with the front- and back-end systems of banks or third-party providers. The aim being to deliver the wealth advisory experience of tomorrow, today.

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