The intelligent software for the wealth advice of the future.

Do you want to boost effectiveness and efficiency in your wealth management business? Then transform your wealth advisory services now with Finfox – the omnichannel full-service hybrid investment advice solution for all touchpoints and devices.


The Finfox platform.

Finfox is your software solution for hybrid investment advice – thanks to its omnichannel capability, Finfox offers a combination of personal advice and digital experiences across all devices.

Adviser workplace FinfoxPro FinfoxTouch Consultation Customer documentation FinfoxReports Service platform FinfoxPublicAPI Bank control centre FinfoxCockpit Self-service advice FinfoxAdvice Automated communication FinfoxEvents Service integration FinfoxConnector Modular business-logic FinfoxCore
Automated communication FinfoxEvents Service integration FinfoxConnector Modular business-logic FinfoxCore Customer documentation FinfoxReports Bank control centre FinfoxCockpit Adviser workplace FinfoxPro Consultation FinfoxTouch Self-service advice FinfoxAdvice Service platform FinfoxPublicAPI

The technical linchpin: FinfoxCore.

The central control element of the Finfox platform: based on a consistent data set, harmonised business logic and systematic omnichannel capability, the intelligent core makes Finfox your software tool for all wealth advisory opportunities, with banks, advisers and customers all having the same information at their fingertips.

The business logic.

FinfoxCore contains the business logic and consistent set of data and provides the other modules with a plethora of central functions and data in the form of services. Whether for an adviser in the bank, producing a report or for a customer at home, data retrieval and presentation is always based on the same logic and data.

Omnichannel functionality.

Finfox enables the complete digitalisation of customer interactions in a variety of advisory scenarios – whether in a personal conversation between adviser and customer or in a digital meeting. Thanks to omnichannel capability, the customer, bank and adviser always have the same data at their fingertips via their chosen Finfox channel.

A consistent data set.

FinfoxCore ensures a consistent set of data across all sources and channels at all times. Interfaces with the major bank systems and optional external data sources enable efficient bilateral data provision. As a result, all users utilise the same up-to-date data and information in their user journeys, at all times and across all digital touchpoints; this is a technically essential feature for successful hybrid investment advice.

Problem-resistant and low-maintenance.

Our support team is on hand to help bank users at all times, both with specialist knowledge and technical expertise.. Streamlined development processes, stringent deployment methods and efficient maintenance all simplify technical operation of the software. If you have any questions, our experts are, of course, available at all times.

> 250 Number of banks
> 4‘500 Number of users
7CH, LI, DE, AT,
> 1.5 Mio Investment proposals per year
< 1h Response time
99% Investment proposals per year

Customers who rely on finfox

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Maerki Baumann
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